Saturday, June 30, 2007

This beadwork named "Rainbow Lei" was created by Laura Shea. It composed of individual and compound frame bead polyhedra and explores a color progression of the spectrum. The lei consists of individual dodecahedra, truncated icosahedra, and twenty-five 'Eureka' beads. The 'Eureka' beads each have an underlying truncated icosahedron serving as the matrix for twelve dodecahedra growing from the pentagonal faces of the truncated icosahedron. A chain of dodecahedra form the pentagonal loop and bar toggle. The single-needle thread path through each polyhedron is a continuous spiral.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Triangle vortex

A nice rendering of triangle vortex was found at forum WooYah, which was created by member Heidi. This image is interesting by shapes of triangles, which look like Penrose tribar, but they are not. If looking attentively we see that these triangles are more distorted than classic Penrose triangle. So these figures cannot be named 'impossible' because they don't make sense possible figure. It sounds paradoxically, but all impossible figures makes sense common possible object at first glance.

Below you can see another rendering with the same kind of triangle.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Trigonometric art By Fergus Ray Murray

Created by Fergus Ray Murray images above are not fractals. They show us beauty of trigonometry. Every such image consists of set of sine and cosine curves, which makes complex wave frozen in still image.

You can see more trigonometric images and wonderful mathematical animations at the Fergus's website.