Thursday, April 24, 2014

Illusion - Confusion

Recently, I received a book "Illusion - Confusion" by Paul Baars, in which he collected examples of almost all known kinds of illusions. There's a lagre section about impossible figures in the book. Among other images, there's one my impossible figure published there.

The distinctive feature of the book is using double page spread for representing large images. For example, Escher's Metamorphoses II fit into two fragments, when in meny other book it was divided into much more parts.

The book will be a good supplement for collectioners and astonishing gift for everyone.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wooden work by Michael Cheshire

Today I received a wooden work by Michael Cheshire. It's one of his series of artworks with cats. Here, you can see a cat looking at huge moon. The scene is decorated by impossible frame.

Michael Cheshire creates his works from many kinds of wood. You can see more his works and by them at his web site

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spiral trees

Trees are the great form of nature and this the shape made many inspiration for numerous artists of mathematical art. I've posted several collections of fractal trees and pythagoras trees. And we've also met with combination of tree-like shape with spiral. Spirals are one of basic mathematical shapes and they are harmoniously match to branchy tree figure. Also spiral is the shape that very close to fractals.

Below, you can see several spiral shapes, which look very interesting for me. They are not true fractals, but they make sence of great curly figures. Click on images to see them in better quality.

Black spiral tree 
 © Willy Deganello

Logo of the site The Spiral Tree 

Curly cone tree from article of Cameron Browne about spiral space filling  

Spiral dotted tree 
by baggingspam

A fractal-like spiral tree. Smaller branches repeat their parent branch.

Images were found at

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Art of the Illusion

Today I have received a copy of a book by Brad Honeycutt and Terry Stickels "The Art of the Illusion", which consists of more than 200 wonderful images of optical illusions, which were created by many artists all around the world. Artworks by such famous artists as M.C. Escher, Jos de Mey, Rob Gonsalved are combined with artworks by many modern artists, who devoted their lives to creation of optical illusions. The foreword of the book was written by artist Scott Kim, which is well known for his puzzles and ambigrams (upside down lettering).

You can buy the book at Amazon.

Below, you can see photos of two photos of spreads of the book.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fractal fonts

The letter A above consists of many Sierpinski triangles, blank spaces of which are colored black. Using of triangular grid to form letter gives some Gothic effect. Font designer Frodo7 created a font Sierpinski Black using such principle, which consist of 87 characters inluding Latin capital and lower letters and numbers. A sample pattern of the font is represented below. Artist created several variations of this font with different kinds of filling of letters.

Frodo7 also created another font based on fractal Fractal font, where letters look like wide tape, which curl into form of lowercase letters. Letters are filled with fractal pattern of black and white rectangles. Sample letters and fractal pattern, which is used for filling letter, are represented below.

Another fractal font was created by Tony de Marco. It is based on simple raster font, where letters are divided into pixels. Every pixel is separate fractal of regular located circles.

If you know another fonts based on fractals, please let me know, I will happy to update this post.