Thursday, February 8, 2007


M.C. Escher "Printgallery" (1956)
Printgallery is one of the most fascinating image of M.C. Escher. We see a young man which stands before print on the wall in print gallery. We see ships and seaside town with many houses on it. One house is closer to us than others and there's print gallery on the first floor. Then we look through the window of the print gallery and see young man looking at print. So we returned to beginning. It's a looped image, and we can infinitely look on it and never find the end.

But artist leaved center of the image empty and placed his sign there. What is under this blank spot? We don't know if Escher knew it. In 2002 this puzzle was solved and it's proved that reduced and rotated copy of the source image should be behind the spot.

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