Saturday, April 21, 2007

Black cube by Gregor Schneider

German sculptor Gregor Schneider was fascinated by artwork "Black square", which was created by famous russian artist Kasismir Malevich, and he decided to create an analogue of it as sculpture.

Firstly, he tried to represent 15-metres high black cube in 2005 and was erected in Venice at International Art Exhibition - La Biennalle de Venezia. It was named "Cube Venice 2005". But his application was rejected by Venice authority for politic reasons because they were afraid to offend muslims who could consider it as recostruction of the holiest place of Islam - Kaaba, which is at the center of the Great Mosque in Mecca.

In 2006 Gregor Schneider with his cube was invited to exhibition in Berlin Museum of Modern Art. He renaimed it to "Cube Berlin 2006". But his participation in the exhibition was rejected again at the last moment by the general director of Berlin public museums.

Nadeem Elyas, the president of the central Muslim coulcil in Germany, advocated the cube, and finally, 14-metres high sculpture of black cube have found its place before Museum of Modern Art in Hamburg.

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