Saturday, May 26, 2007

Escher spheres

Some Escher's tessellated images can be adopted to spherical surface. First of all it is concerned to his lithographs which show hyperbolic space such as "Angels and Devils", "Circle limit IV" etc. Above left is the original lithograph "Angels and Devils" and above right is the wooden spherical interpretation of it.

There's regular way to transformation hyperbolic geometry to spherical geometry. You can read it here

Other Escher's tessellations also can be applied to sphere. You can see some examples below.
The last three images were found here.


knitaly said...

I found your blog while searching for "gold section", and I think it's really interesting! I made a link to it, and I hope you don't mind if my blog theme is mainly knitting! (^_^)

Igor said...

I thought you might want to know: there is this old journal called Structural Topology which has a number of interesting articles on Escher and mathematical features in sculpture and architecture. The journal has been defunct for 10 years, but recently they scanned all issues and posted them here:
Take a look! The very last issue is fully on art.

Vlad Alexeev said...

Thank you for very useful link. I've never heard about this remarkable magazine before. I will use information from the magazine for my blog.