Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fibonacci spiral in nature

Fibonacci spiral is a line, which is created by drawing arcs connecting the oppposite corners of the squares in Fibonacci tiling, which is constructed of squares whose sides are successive Fibonacci numbers in length.
Fibonacci tiling
Fibonacci spiral
Fibonacci spiral exists in many objects of wildlife. It's one ob the basic curve, which you can see in small shells of nautilus and even in spirals of galaxies.

Arrangement of seeds in sunflower is an example of Fibonacci spiral among plants.

Hurricane is one of the most destructive power on Earth.

You can see Fibonacci spiral even in shapes of galaxies.

Although Nautilus shell looks very similar to Fibinacci spiral, it does not. Ivars Peterson in his article Sea Shell Spirals proved this fact. Nevertheless, Nautilus shell is one of examples of fractals in nature.

Fibonacci spiral inspired some artist to use it in their artworks. Below you can see an artwork by Petar Milivojevic named Gaia's gift.


Mauro Fuke said...

Nice post.
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Vlad Alexeev said...

Thank you. I've corrected the post.
Indeed, nautilus shells are not Fibonacci spirals.

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your blog is great! it really solidifies a bridge between science and art.

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LOve it.....thanks for such a great presentation of all these pics.....I am an art teacher ans will be teaching my kids how to make math-inspired art in a few days.....very exciting


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