Wednesday, January 10, 2007


There are many artists which are use various mathematical principles in their art. Frequently various polygons and solids are used but there'smany other themes in mathematics for art.

The most common themes in mathematical art are polyhedrons,fractals,tessellations,gold section, impossible figures, strange surfaces.

The most known mathematical artist is M.C. Escher from Holland. Many mathematical laws laid down in his lithographs such as tessellations, polyhedrons and impossible figures.


Fergus Ray Murray said...

Hi Vlad,

I've just had a great time going through all these. Thank you for your dedication!

I thought you might be interested in some of my art, also - the nested polyhedra on my 3D animations page were the first thing to spring to mind, but my mathematical toys and trigonometric stills might be of interest too?


- Fergus.

Vlad Alexeev said...

Hi Fergus,

Thank you for interest to the blog.
I will make a review on your site in the blog soon.

Your animations are very intersting, but I was fascinated by triginometric still images.

Kind regards
Vlad Alexeev.