Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Spherical artworks by Dick Termes

Dick Termes creates unique type of artworks. While many artists paints on flat canvas he paint his artworks on spheres. He calls them termespheres. Dick uses special six point perspective for his artworks. It's more natural for this type of paintings as traditional perspective with one vanishing point is natural for flat paintings.

The image that we see at termesphere can be imagined as view from inside transparent sphere at real world. Imagine that you are standing inside the glass sphere and drawing on inner surface all what you see around you. Then you take a step out of the sphere and looks at result of your painting from the outside.

It's noticeable influences of Escher at artworks of Dick Termes. We can find likeness between spherical artworks and Escher's lithograph "Hand with reflecting sphere". But in this case we don't see our distorted face but holistic vision of environment.

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